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Windsor Castle was nice to see, but Liz wasn’t home. Bonus for Eli, we ended up going to Legoland at Windsor. From Eli: “Yes there is a Legoland Cody, and I had lots of fun”. So many people there, I’m surprised there isn’t one in Australia.

Finally made it to London, and we dropped off the car. We can’t believe that everything has gone smoothly and to plan. We keep saying that we’re waiting for something big to go wrong. I suppose that is the result of lots of planning and countless hours in front of the computer before we left. Everyone has really enjoyed the trip but I think that we will all be glad to get home. Toni and the kids are resting in the hotel before they fly home. They will arrive home on Monday the 10th.

I’m getting ready for my adventure to Ukraine. Not sure if there will be Internet access for me, but will see how I go. See you soon.


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