Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

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It’s raining and I packed my raincoat in the main bag (not carry on), silly me. See what happens when I don’t have Toni to look after me? Missing her and the kids terribly.

WOW what a spin out this place is. Talk about culture shock. Luckily I have my new best friend Sergei to help me. He has helped me a lot and would be lost without his help. He is an associate of my friend Ted who is an Aussie running an English school in Kiev. He also happens to live on the Sunshine Coast when he is back in Australia, but now calls Kiev his home. He’s living the dream with lots of gorgeous Ukrainian girls chasing him. We popped around to Ted’s place where he generously gave me a sample of home brew apple cider. “Is it alcoholic Ted?” (Stupid question)… “of course it is”. What a terrific drink that is. Anyway, half cut I had a great time.

Here I am with Sergei at the train station, hundreds of locals catching trains, and every sign is in Ukrainian. No English at all and I’m sure I was the only non-resident there. Where would you start to buy a ticket to a remote country village no-one has heard of.

Sergei has helped me very much, and he is picking me up at 6am tomorrow for the train, so I better get some sleep. The train trip tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least. I don’t think that there will be Internet where I am going, so will be under the radar for about a week.

I’ve booked another night at the IBIS on my return so I can see a bit more of Kiev, and sample some more of that apple cider. I will be getting into the hotel next Saturday 15t hand checking out the 17th for the flight home via London.

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