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Left the village life today, and it was great to see all my relatives who I have not seen before, including my brother Vasily. He’s a big old bear with a soft heart and a very nice person. So are all my relatives, cousin Nina, nieces and nephews. They all welcomed me with open arms, despite the language barriers. When you are family there is a special connection. They laid on a spread that my Dad would be proud. It was an experience that I’ll never forget, and I dare say neither will they. The day when this bloke from Australia, came to visit. Apparently I was the first English speaking tourist, ever to visit the village.

I’m now in Kharkov, resting for half the day. Bought myself a Ushanka, and it looks fantastic. Photos to follow soon. Tomorrow I take a trip by train, deep into Cossack country of Zaporozhye. That’s where it all began in 1100 AD. The Cossack King returns Comrade!

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