Denison St. Camperdown

Denison St. Camperdown

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My old house in Denison St. Camperdown, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. The streets looked so wide when we were kids, yet visiting when you are an adult, it is very narrow. Funny how young minds think.

Camperdown as you’ve never seen it.


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October 7, 2013 at 3:14 pm

Hi Mike, Mum and I went back to visit inside our old home (a few years before she passed) and the new owners had done an excellent job with the renovations! If you remember, Dad had enclosed the verandah area off the main bedroom and the fireplaces in each of the rooms had been closed off, but the new owners had restored all the fireplaces and verandah area back to their original condition and former glory. They also lifted all of our lino floor coverings off the floors (lino was very “in fashion” in those days hahah!!!) and they exposed the dark timber wooden floors in each of the rooms (which was very nice). The new owners also turned your bedroom Mike into a bathroom and spa area!! With our old kitchen. bathroom and backyard areas, the new owners totally renovated the kitchen area, got rid of our old bathroom area and used open French doors leading out to an extended wooden patio area, taking up all the space where our old concrete backyard used to be. They did a good job. Also the old wooden staircase still creaked in all the same old places (which was just terrific!!) and the cupboard space under the stairs (which was Dad’s tool room) was still there Mike, as well as the wooden door which led to the underground basement area, where our pets would like to go and sleep, because it was so cool there. Our pets would come and go via a small brick window which led out to the backyard if you remember. Also the security grill on the front window which Dad had installed was still there too. Mike, the place still brings a tear to my eye after all these years and when I went to visit Spiro’s Mum just recently, I had to go past the old house again and walk down our old street again, because that is where we spent the best years of our lives!! Aaaah the good old days, they will never come again …….

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