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Gridiron: Australia v N.Z.

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Snapped these at u19 IFAF world championship qualifier between Australia and New Zealand today. Great game of Gridiron and Austrlia beat NZ 13-7. Very enjoyable afternoon, well done, as teh Aussies are now off to USA for the World Championships. Good luck boys.

Luna Park

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Luna Park Sydney is an icon of Sydney. These days you’re just as likely to visit this superbly restored fun-park to catch a concert at the Big Top, eat classy cuisine at The Deck or take in the million dollar views as you are to ride the Tango Train or Ferris Wheel, as folks have been doing since 1935. My first visit was over 40 years ago.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

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Situated in the heart of Sydney, the Botanical Gardens are full of wonders and Australia’s oldest garden, established in 1788 in Farm Cove.

Sydney Harbour

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Undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful harbour. What better way to see it than on a Sydney ferry?

Panorama Shots

Translink app: real time about time

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This is exciting news for the Coast. Catching a bus or a train, just got a whole lot easier. The new app from Translink allows real time tracking of buses and trains on the Sunshine Coast. It’s easy to use and see exactly when your next bus or train will arrive, just by scanning the QR code at the bus/train stop, or use the app itself. Marvelous technology really.

The app also allows you see the whole time table, and also select stops and routes as your favourite which cuts down search times. All at the touch of a button on your phone, I just love it.

Sunshine Coast Council says Sunshine Coast bus passengers are the first in South-East Queensland to be able to track the arrival of the next bus service with real time info rolled out at Maroochydore today. GPS technology shows up-to-the-minute departure times of exactly where the bus is, with information updated every 30 seconds or better.

The Queensland Government delivered the real time technology on the Sunshine Coast with the support of Sunshine Coast Council.

Transport Portfolio Councillor Rick Baberowski said having real time information on bus locations and arrival times provided certainty for passengers. “This has the potential to translate into a significant growth in passenger numbers due to their increased confidence in using public transport,” Cr Baberowski said.

“Council has been a long-time advocate for real time information and has sought to work with TransLink to implement it and will work with the community to maximise the benefits from it. “This major new initiative will benefit Sunshine Coast residents and visitors and is a big change in the public transport service on the Sunshine Coast. “We will wonder how we did without it. “It’s the start of new era of seriously useful information that can make the difference between choosing to use a bus rather than your car,” he said.

Acting Transport and Main Roads Minister Andrew Powell said the new technology was one of the biggest changes to public transport technology since smart card ticketing in 2008. “Passengers can visit the TransLink website or the MyTransLink app to see when their bus is due to depart their stop,” Mr Powell said

“We’ve made public transport more frequent, reliable and affordable and now the Newman LNP Government is delivering 21st century travel on the Sunshine Coast.

“At the swipe of a touchscreen, passengers can now check if they’ve got time for another coffee before they head off to the bus stop. “Our strong plan for public transport is making travel more convenient than ever before – ensuring Queenslanders can spend more time doing what they want, instead of waiting for the next bus.”

Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said real-time technology has the ability to transform the way people use public transport and is easy to access. “To coincide with the launch of the new technology, TransLink developed a new app available to download free from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users,” Mr Minnikin said.

“Real-time data is also available to third-party app developers as part of the Queensland Government’s Open Data initiative and I look forward to seeing what exciting and innovative apps might be developed as a result.”

For more information about real-time or about the MyTransLink app, visit or call 13 12 30, anytime.

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Our Christmas Lights

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They’re up as well as the Christmas tree. A few have failed so it gives me a chance to update with a couple more additions for next year. Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store…..

When to officially put up Christmas lights

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It’s a question that not many people know the correct answer to, so here it is. It is this weekend! Generally speaking the answer is on or around St. Andrew’s Day which is the 30th November. A more definitive answer can be found in “Tables and Rules for the Moveable and Immovable Feasts” in the “Book of Common Prayer” for the Church of England.

Advent Sunday is the Sunday on which the Church commences the celebration of the pending birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.  The “Rules to know when the Moveable feasts and Holy Days Begin” states that : – “Advent Sunday is always the nearest Sunday to the Feast of St. Andrew, whether before or after.” Advent Sunday could only fall on any day from and including 27 November to and including 3rd December.

A further table “Lessons Proper for Sundays” has a sub-heading “The Sundays of Advent” and under this it lists four Sundays. Thus the period of Advent consists of four Sundays.

The answer to the question
As Christmas is a Christian religious celebration the answer to the above question is “Advent Sunday” which we now know is the fourth Sunday before Christmas and will fall on any of the days from 27 November to 3 December.

If these assumptions are correct then this would be a world wide standard, not just Australia.

Taking Christmas lights down happens on The Feast of the Epiphany which is on 6 January, after the Twelve Days of Christmas. The Twelve Days of Christmas is the festive Christian season, beginning on Christmas Day (25 December), that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, as the Son of God. This period is also known as Christmastide. This is different from the Octave of Christmas, which is the liturgical time from Christmas Day until the Solemnity of Mary on 1 January. The Twelfth Day of Christmas falls on 5 or 6 January depending which tradition is followed. There is similar confusion about the date of Twelfth Night which is commonly held to be 5 January but some hold that it is 6 January. The Feast of the Epiphany is on 6 January which celebrates the visit of the Wise Men (Magi) and their bringing of gifts to the child Jesus. In some traditions, the feast of Epiphany and Twelfth Day overlap.

So there, you are now informed officially.

By the way, please do not use Xmas, as it is considered disrespectful by many Christians. The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage states that the spelling should be considered informal and restricted to contexts where concision is valued, such as headlines and greeting cards. The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, while acknowledging the ancient and respectful use of “Xmas” in the past, states that the spelling should never be used in formal writing.

Merry Christmas.


Source: Wikipedia + Christmas in Australia

Heavy rail is a better option than light rail

I am not in favour of Council’s proposal for light rail (or the American Maglev Technology) on the Sunshine Coast. Looking at the proposed routes, the cost will be billions and interrupt the lifestyle for many residents and businesses on the coast, for many years. We simply cannot afford such an expensive proposal. We would be better off channeling the money into heavy rail to solve many of the commuter issues on the Bruce Highway and help those who commute to Brisbane each day.

Bring back CAMCOS and the heavy rail option. It’s cheaper and more convenient for commuters & tourists to/from Brisbane. It’s a real solution to ease Bruce Highway traffic also. Light rail may be ok for the Gold Coast and Sydney where it’s much harder to allocate a rail corridor, but we have that space on the Sunshine Coast already set aside. The State Government has recently guaranteed to protect the CAMCOS corridor. The extensive studies for CAMCOS, going back 20 years or more, have proven that heavy rail is a cheaper and more effective option. The corridors are already built for it, and no one wants a tram running down the esplanade ruining our view.

Extend the North Coast Rail Network and connect heavy rail from Landsborough, Caloundra South, Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, and back out to Woombye. With the new Maroochydore CBD, the perfect time is now to develop Maroochydore train station. Then increase train services between Gympie and Caboolture for real change.

Plan for the future, not just help tourists get around while they are here in pretty trams. We already have an effective bus network that does that. I welcome your thoughts.

People are so clever

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Check out these ideas which are bound to make your life easier. Click on a thumbnail below to see all the images. Which on is your favourite? I love the shirt folding idea, just great ideas.

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